Your life is more than a scoreboard

Your life is more than a scoreboard

I once got 22 goals scored on me playing goalkeeper in an indoor soccer game. My team only mustered up two goals. I was a 19-year-old kid who decided to fill in on a pickup game.

The team consisted of what I thought at the time were some 30-year-old guys. We played against a younger team, let’s just say they were not cut out to play in such a fast pace game.

For every save I made it seemed like three more goals would go in. At some point I stopped keeping score, and I refused to look up at the scoreboard. I just kept playing the game. And I prayed to the good Lord that the ground would swallow us up like the Israelites in Numbers 16.

Our gameplay was an abomination.

Since that infamous game I have gone on to play hundreds of games. And found a way to tuck that memory in the recesses of my soul, until now.

I continue to play the wonderful game of soccer (Futbol as we know it in Latin America) and I have found that if I lose a game by low score it leaves me with a more bitter feeling than a game I lost by a large margin.

Some of those games I have lost while playing on some very good teams. Other games I have won playing with some very bad teams. Despite who I am playing with I have found that if I focus too much in the results it robs me of the enthusiasm of playing the sport.

One of the most influential persons in my life was my goalkeeper coach. He taught me early to never worry about the score. To take the time to always enjoy the game you are playing, stay focused on my performance, and not worry about the results. To do the best for my team. To do the best in life.

Stop keeping score, because nobody is worrying about your personal stats.

Thankfully nobody has ever brought up that game in a conversation. Remember that game, Rudy, when you got annihilated and publicly ridiculed. No kind sir I’ve managed to overcome that after some serious mental and emotional self-healing.

Remember don’t let the results rob your enthusiasm when you are doing the things you love. Are you keeping tabs on all your wins and losses? Life is more important than checking the scoreboard and the stats.

If your life has become one big stat sheet, lining yourself on the comparison chart to compare yourself to others. You check your rankings, ratings, and grade against others growing bitter that there is one that is stronger, faster, skillful, and tactically smarter. Then you really need to take the time to reconsider why you are doing what you are doing to begin with.

Take the time today to enjoy the game. You may not always get the results you want. Or have the team around you that can offer the support that you need. Don’t let that stop you from getting submerged in the passionate joy of doing of what you love to do.

“Proverbs 17:22 (NLT)
22 A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength